Hi, just wanted to thank you for stopping by and getting to know me. My name is Dirk, I'm a husband, dad of three, the youngest brother of three and I love photography and woodworking.

I was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up in Huntsville, Ontario. I moved to Germany where I apprenticed as a cabinetmaker. Now I've settled down in Montreal, Canada with my wife and kids. This is where I studied and pursuing the art of photography. If it's a wedding, engagement, elopement (intimate wedding), a day in the life session, something more casual like a walk in the park or a sit down in a studio setting, It can all be done. I'm a big advocate of printing images professionally, prints, albums etc... you get the point.

A side from the portraits and wedding I also have a heart for interiors, as a cabinetmaker I love the lines and the spaces that are created.



I want to tell the straight forward and honest story.

Thanks Dirk